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Month: December 2016

Book Trailer – To Tempt a Viscount by Naomi Boom

I hope you enjoy my book trailer for To Tempt a Viscount by Naomi Boom.

I was a little scared to make a book trailer, but have to say I am pleased with the results. I used construction paper and tape for the graphics, moving the characters and sticking them to the poster board for the various scenes. As for music, I used Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 4 in G Minor.

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Writing To Tempt a Viscount

Writing To Tempt a Viscount was a whirlwind of excitement for me. Up til then, I had never written anything longer than a college paper and had no idea what to expect. I set out with my initial plot, forgetting all manners of important things such as side characters. When I did remember them, I spent days adding them to the story, weaving them in as if they were there from the beginning. I learned a lot from my first novel, but most of all, I learned to enjoy writing.

Sometimes, I read other author’s biographies and see how they dreamed of being a writer since childhood. I wish I could make such a claim, unfortunately, I never thought to write until I was searching for a book to read. I am very particular in my reading selections, and when I could not find one intriguing enough to purchase, decided to write my own. I never expected my project to go this far. Instead, I figured I’d keep a copy in a drawer and pull it out every few years.

Somehow, I found The Wild Rose Press, Inc., and they took a chance on me, an unknown writer.  They also have agreed to publish my second novel, To Dodge a Duke, which is still in the editing stages. In fact, there should be a total of four novels in my Entangled Nobility series, with To Tempt a Viscount being the first.

If you are interested in more about To Tempt a Viscount or me, please read this article by the Fort Leavenworth Lamp. Also, check out my website:, and please consider connecting with me on Goodreads.

Interesting facts about To Tempt a Viscount:

The initial draft did not include Miss Allison Somers, and now she is integral to the series.

The hero of To Tempt a Viscount, Lord Gavin Farris, is surprised by Laura’s partiality toward John Keats and purchases her a volume of Keats’s works. In one deleted scene, Gavin reflects on a particular poem as he waits to “happen” upon Laura in Hyde Park. That poem was The Eve of St. Agnes, which you can read here.

I took out a scene where Lord Farris asks Laura’s father for his permission to marry Laura. Gavin is tasked with finding Laura the perfect mare, so Gavin goes to Tattersalls. He finds the perfect horse, but the owner, Lord Percival, refuses to sell the mare to him. Gavin is forced to go back empty-handed but Laura’s father approves of his choice to return with no horse as opposed to a sub-par one and gives his blessings for the union.



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