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Month: January 2017

Reason to Start Writing: Because I Suck at Art






The picture featured above was my tipping point to start writing. You see, I needed a hobby which required some sort of adult reasoning. As a stay-at-home mom, I spend a lot of time chasing around a toddler, so when my picture looked like something a (very) advanced toddler could draw, I gave up on that idea.

Writing was my next hobby to try. I primarily read historical romance novels, with a few exceptions, so I decided to craft my own historical romance novel. To Tempt a Viscount is said novel, which took a lot of time, heartbreak, and energy to get where it is now.

Writing my first novel was not easy. I wrote about half the book and then changed something in the beginning. Then, I fixed half the book to line up with that one change. Seems logical, I know, but it never occurred to me when I started writing to have all my minor characters included from the start.

When I finished my first draft/series of edits, I sent my novel off to publishers. I queried a whole bunch of them, and slowly, the rejections started to trickle in. This might sound twisted, but I was so excited about my rejection from Harlequin. I included a chunk of what they said. Maybe you can understand my excitement.

“We have read your submission with interest; you certainly know how to conjure up the historical period evocatively and authentically. The story is well structured, with charming characters and you have a very natural, fluid writing style. However, whilst we appreciate the care and attention that has gone into the preparation of your submission, regrettably we feel that your story is not sufficiently developed for publication on our Historical list.

We are always looking for new Historical authors, although the standard we require in a first manuscript is very high. Please do not be discouraged by this rejection, however, because we feel that your style and voice show potential.”

I know, this response might have been an automated one, but boy did it give me hope, and with that hope, a drive to do better. I took a long look at my writing, and then I edited and edited and edited. All those rejections seem to have worked for me, though, as I did find my wonderful publisher, The Wild Rose Press, Inc., and they did agree to publish To Tempt a Viscount.

Looking back, I am happy I failed at art. I am so grateful for all that I have learned, and all the nice people I have met. Now, I get to start hearing feedback from you, the readers, so feel free to hit me up about anything that strikes your fancy – whether about my book, the weather, or whatever!

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Day in the Life of a Writing Mom

I try my best to write every day, or edit, or read. Every day. I don’t think I need to re-type that, but if you are curious how often I write, re-read the first two sentences. Sometimes, I dedicate a half hour, and sometimes it’s the entire day. Below is a listing of my typical day, not the crazy all-day long edits, or the odd days I don’t do much (and go shopping instead).

  1. Coffee. My toddler, Wyatt, wakes me up around 7, and caffeine gets me going.
  2. Activities with Wyatt, including breakfast, lunch, cleaning my house, and playing.
  3. Nap time! Wyatt takes a nap, and either I join him, or I write for about an hour.
  4. Supper, cleanup, family time, bed time.
  5. This is when I catch my second wind. Seriously. I will be exhausted at 7 p.m. but once Wyatt goes to sleep around 8 I get this crazy surge of energy. Either I go to the gym or work out at home. It all depends on how ambitious I am, or how much I need to reflect on my story.
  6. Final stage. I write/edit/read at night when my house is quiet and I can focus without a toddler trying to break my laptop. I try to go to sleep by midnight but there are plenty of nights I work well past that point. Hence the reason I nap with my child.

This is an example of a perfect writing day. I don’t really do the word count goal, or page count goal, or any other sort of goal. As long as I write, I am happy. I am so proud of my work as a full-time mom and writer. Now, if only i could say the same thing about cleaning my house.

If you are interested in my work, take a look at To Tempt a Viscount by Naomi Boom.

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