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Writing To Dodge a Duke









For those of you who have not read To Dodge a Duke, let me explain something. Miss Eleanor Ashford is not a very nice person. In fact, she was a bit of a villain in To Tempt a Viscount. The problem is, I felt bad for Eleanor. She had a massive amount of pressure riding on her shoulders which she exhibited in a very poor way. She was not likeable in any way, and yet, I felt I really knew her. Knew her struggles, and understood her actions.

That did not make writing her story easy. On the contrary, I almost abandoned the novel half-way through. I didn’t find her likeable, even though I understood her. And if I didn’t like her, how would a reader?

I ended up re-writing a large amount of the story until I felt she had progressed to a likeable, understandable, person. To me, the best novels have relateable characters. Perfection is annoying. And now, I am very pleased she received the story she so greatly needed with a gentleman I felt complimented her nature.

Now then, for those of you who have read To Dodge a Duke, I have to tell you something. Or rather, make a promise. Lord Thornwick will have his own story, and I’m already plotting Lord and Lady Gammon’s spin-off. I’m so excited to write about Opal Gammon, in particular, and Lord Thornwick *sigh* I simply love him. Now, we shall have to wait and see how their stories unfold.

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