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About Naomi Boom


Naomi Boom has a serious infatuation with writing. Some might even call it an addiction. She didn’t grow up wanting to write, though. Instead, she devoted her spare time to reading until the day arrived where she couldn’t settle on a book. That’s the day she decided to write her own novel, and now, she can’t seem to stop.

Naomi Boom’s Background

Naomi always held a love for reading, starting way back with Nancy Drew and the Box Car Children. After some time, she moved on to Westerns, then to Fantasy, and finally, she picked up Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn. Then, she was hooked. She couldn’t not read Regency Romances.

Naturally, she did other things than read books all day. For starters, she enlisted in the South Dakota Air National Guard at the age of eighteen. She also received a bachelor’s degree in business management and an associates degree in financial management. During these years, she met her husband who swept her off her feet with his Southern charm and combat boots. But he served in the US Army, so after they married, they hied off to Germany with its never-ending castles.

And how could she not read read more Regency Romances when surrounded by such magic? She read countless novels, and then toured castles, and read countless more.


Much to her ever-lasting shame, she never visited England. She visited Rome, Barcelona, Paris, but never the setting of her novels. Someday, she will visit, but until then, England will have to exist in her imagination as the place where all the pretty lords and ladies get into trouble and eventually wed.

Eventually, her family picked up and moved to Kansas, which is where she started making her own magic through writing. She also picked up an obsession with antiquing, but that’s a story for another day.

Naomi Boom’s Current Activities

After Naomi’s husband retired from the Army, they moved to her home state of South Dakota. And while she can’t visit castles, she still enjoys nature by hiking and antiques to calm her obsession. She finds plenty of time to write, especially when the snow starts flying and the bitter cold demands she stay home. Granted, without the weather’s intervention, she’d still write. Addictions work that way.