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About Naomi Boom

Naomi Boom is a stay at home mom with a serious infatuation with writing. She didn’t grow up wanting to write though. Instead, she devoted her spare time to reading until the day arrived where she couldn’t settle on anything to read. That’s the day where she decided to write her own novel, and now, she is very much addicted to all things writing.


Upon graduating from high school, Naomi enlisted in the South Dakota Air National Guard and served for a term of six years. She received an honorable discharge, and continues to be grateful for all she learned in the guard. It truly was an experience of a lifetime, and also allowed her to meet her husband, who was serving in the United States Army. Without the military’s intervention, she would have never met her husband who is from Georgia.


Naomi and her husband moved to Germany for three and a half years, and were granted the opportunity to travel. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business management and had thought to use her degree in some traditional way when she returned to the states. Now, she thinks she will apply it to pursuing her writing career.


She has finally taken up residence in her home state of South Dakota with her husband and son. Her son, Wyatt, takes all of her attention during the day, and she unwinds by writing at night.