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Playlist for the Entangled Nobility Series

Historical romance music for Naomi Boom's Entangled Nobility Series.
I am a huge fan of music. Music inspires me to write, to dream, to try harder. When writing historical romance novels, I have to have background noise, but not something distracting enough to interrupt my train of thought. This might sound crazy, but I play one song on repeat for days on end. Not only can I tune that particular song out, but I can tune in when necessary to harness the emotion I wish to conjure in my writing. Needless to say, I remember which songs I listened to when I wrote my novels, and have listed my favorite song for each novel.

I have a handy Pandora playlist if you care to listen to more of my favorite music. Be warned though, I adjust it to my tastes regularly.

To Tempt a Viscount by Naomi Boom:

Nicki Minaj “Grand Piano”

Sara Bareilles “Gravity”

To Dodge a Duke by Naomi Boom:

Sara Bareilles “Gravity”

Thomas Rhett “Playing with Fire (featuring Jordin Sparks)”


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